About Our Company

Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc.

Established in 1997, Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc. has become one of the fastest growing custom labs for orthotics and custom molded shoes. Our success is based on the use of the most innovative technologies available today and the knowledge of our staff that provides our customers with the perfect product in the timeliest manner. Each product is custom made in our 7,000 square foot lab located in Southern California and is made only for your patients and the problems that they are trying to correct.

At Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc., each of our staff members is exceptionally knowledgeable in creating the most comfortable fit for all customers who use their products. We understand the necessary short turnaround time that most customers require and the dedication to efficiency to ensure a quality product that can withstand the test of time. We take our business very seriously and consider the health and happiness of your patients the key to our business. We are dedicated to ensuring not only complete comfort, but also, the ultimate happiness with our products.

With a dedication to quality, comfort and fit, we have become one of the leading custom orthotics labs nationwide. It is through our constant striving to further our education, provide the latest technology and the desire to please customers that we have become as successful as we are today. We want your customers to be comfortable and happy with their purchase, which is why it is our mission to stand behind our product and provide only the highest quality foot care for your patient’s needs.

About Our Products

Focus on the orthotic evaluation

At Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc. we do not offer cookie cutter products or a one-size-fits-all approach; each of our products, including custom ankle braces, custom diabetic insoles, custom functional orthotics, heat moldable inserts and custom shoes that are made only for your patients. They are not sold “off the shelf”. They are created in a lab with each patient’s measurements and specifications in mind in order to provide the best fit and the largest benefits for your patients and their specific needs.

Our custom orthotics focus on the orthotic evaluation and the assessment of the patient’s lower extremities, focusing on the areas that need the most comfort and therapy for a truly at ease walking experience, not on an overview of what the market needs. Our products are meant to provide consumers with not only relief, but the full functionality of their feet, no matter where their day may take them.

Our orthotic products are meant to improve the quality of life of the wearer, not just help them get through it. Foot pain can be very debilitating, having an effect on a person’s outlook on life, which is why it is our goal to provide the perfect custom orthotics that put a smile back on the face of each consumer and eliminate pain from their life. Each of our products is handcrafted, and the product that is chosen is made specifically to cover the needs of the intended wearer. When our gallery of products is reviewed, consumers will see the largest, most innovative selection of orthotics to help them get the most out of their inserts or custom molded shoes.

Our History

Established in 1997

Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc. began its operations in 1997 when we saw the need for a dedication to custom fit diabetic inserts, custom plastic/leather AFO’s and custom molded shoes for people nationwide. Our lab, which is located in Southern California, was then created to generate the flexible, comfortable and custom fit that was lacking in the industry at the time. Today, we have quickly become one of the nation’s fastest growing and most successful custom orthotics companies, helping your patient’s feel happy and comfortable with the way that their feet feel when they walk.

Our success is based on our dedication to exceptional knowledge, service, quality and competitive prices, making us the leader in the orthotics industry that we have become today. We are proud to help your customers put a smile on their face and feel comfortable in their shoes once again. Happy feet means a happy person and that is what we set out to accomplish every single day.

Our Vision

Provide completely customized

At Pedorthic Lab Specialties, Inc., our number one goal is to provide the ultimate comfort, the best fit and the highest quality products to your customers. We have a dedication to your customer’s happiness and pain relief, unlike any other company in the industry. We set out to provide completely customized, comfortable and flexible inserts and shoes to ensure the happiness of your customers today, tomorrow and well into the future.