C.R.O.W. Boot

C.R.O.W. Boot


– Neuropathic Ulcerations Due To Diabetes
– Charcot Deformities of the Foot and/or Ankle
– Calcaneal or Toe Amputations
– Pre or Post-Surgical Intervention of Mid & Hind Foot
– Trauma


– Custom Molded 5-6 Mm Polypropylene
– Dual Pull Closure
– Bi-Valve Construction
– 35 Durometer Puff Lining
– Removable and Adjustable Insert
– Customizable Sole – Heel to Toe rocker Standard
– Finished Height of the Shell Is Limited To 14”

Casting Requirements

– The Cast Height Must Be Above the Required Device Height
– Semi Weight Bearing At 90 Degrees
– Best When Done On a Casting Block